๐Ÿ‘‹Welcome to Nulswap

The next-gen Decentralized Exchange, Staking, and Farming Protocol on NULS network

What is Nulswap?

Nulswap is a fully on-chain, decentralized exchange running on NULS, a high-performance, scalable and crosschain public blockchain.

As the newest addition to the NULS ecosystem, Nulswap will be at the core of NULSโ€™s push into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by allowing users to trade NULS, Multi-Assets and NRC-20 tokens on the NULS blockchain for the first time.

Built from the ground up, Nulswap uses a constant product automated market maker on top of a permissionless liquidity protocol, like Uniswap.

Users can trade digital assets directly on the NULS blockchain from their wallets (Nabox wallet), or add tokens to a liquidity pool to passively earn from transactions fees.

What makes Nulswap special?

  • Faster and cheaper: Nulswap leverage the efficiency of the NULS Blockchain to achieve transactions magnitudes faster than Ethereum and gas fees which are a fraction of the cost.

  • ALP โ€” Automated Liquidity Provider: Nulswap innovated by creating a mechanism for adding automated liquidity to all Pools.

  • Share fees: All swaps in the pools generate fees, and part of these fees will be distributed to all Nulswap stakers.

  • Multichain Assets: Nulswap supports any Assets from other blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi, Okex, among others.

  • Stake: Nulswap tokens can be staked to generate Nulswap tokens or other token projects.

  • BuyBack: There are two buyback mechanisms coupled with Nulswap Pools:

A) Liquidity pools, in an automated way, will use a part of the transaction fee to buyback Nulswap and Share (related to Point 3).

B) The ALP provides automated liquidity to the liquidity pools, when it reaches a certain liquidity threshold, sufficient to make a pool healthy, the ALP will no longer provide liquidity and will buy back Nulswap (related to Point 2).


It is with great pleasure that we have developed on NULS blockchain the next-gen decentralized exchange, not just an AMM DEX but an AMM and ALP DEX to provide a more autonomous system that ensures over time the liquidity in the Pools consequently acts as liquidity insurance to defend against rug pulls, Nulswap token and the Nulswap Dex will be forever correlated through implemented mechanisms and where everyone has the benefit of participating, whether by HODL or by taking advantage of Nulswap features.

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