ALP - Automated Liquidity Provider

Nulswap innovated by creating a mechanism for adding automated liquidity to all Pools

In a generation where trust is in decline, smart contracts appear to solve many of the trust problems we have with human intervention. Nulswap found the innovate solution which are LIQUIDITY POOLS that automatically prevent people with bad intentions RUG with all the liquidity over time.

Instead of using mechanisms in the token itself that often make the Pools unbalanced, we implement a similar concept in the Liquidity Pools mechanism itself. A percentage of the Fees of the transactions that take place in the Liquidity Pools, is directed to add new liquidity in the pools and this liquidity is completely inaccessible because in this same process there is a Burn of the LP that ensures at least some liquidity forever.

This does not end with RUG PULS, it helps prevent it, the more swaps and time that go by, as more liquidity is locked, allowing projects to retrieve liquidity when there is enough users making swaps.

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