Stake $NSWAP

If you're holding $NSWAP tokens, staking is an easy way to earn additional $NSWAP.

Nulswap not only offers you the opportunity to earn $NSWAP, you also immediately receive $aNSWAP tokens that are representative of your stake, which will play a fundamental and leading role in the entire ecosystem.

Stake #NSWAP, earn NSWAP!

You've now got one amazing POOL of $NSWAP-$NSWAP to be a NSWAPER: staking, compounding.

Read on to learn more!

How to stake:

1. To stake, first navigate to the 'Stake' tab in the Nulswap app.

2. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to stake, then click 'aprove' to approve the transaction and again on "stake"

3. You should now see the balance of your staked tokens, as well as your rewards. For a greater return we provide the possibility for users to manually compound to facilitate the process.

4. Staking $NSWAP requires a lock period of 21 days, after the estimated time, staking continues and you can continue to stake or unstake

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