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How To Use Nabox Plugin

Create a new account:

Set an 8-20 digits password composed of letters and numbers, and then click "Set Password".

Import an existing account

Paste your private key and enter your password. Click the "Import" button to import your account on Nabox.

Account setup

Click "Account" to setup your account, where you can add a nickname, back up your private key, or remove an account if you have more than one.

Name your account

Enter the account settings page and click the edit button, you can set a nickname for your account.

Backup your private key

On the account settings page, click "Private Key Backup", enter your password and then click "Confirm". You can then copy your private key for safe keeping.

Remove your account

You can choose to remove accounts if you have more than one.

Expand view

When operating Nabox, you can open within your browser by expanding the view.

Lock Nabox

Nabox has an automatic lock function. After a certain period of inactivity or after the browser has been closed, Nabox will be automatically locked. You can also choose to actively lock it.
After locking, you will need to enter the correct password to unlock it again.

Switch Accounts

When you have multiple accounts, you can switch between them.
As below, you can switch from the "Account2" into "Acc" by choosing after clicking the Settings icon.

Add account

You can have multiple accounts on Nabox. You can create new accounts or import existing ones.

Creating a new account

You can click the Settings icon and click "Create account" to enter the account creation page. You can then set the account name, and click "Create".
After the account has been created, you will get to the account settings page. Click the back button to return to the homepage, where you can then select the newly created account.

Import an account

Click the settings icon and choose "Import account". Copy your private key and click "Import".
Currently, the plugin only supports private key import.

Reset your password

You can reset the account password in the setting section.
Click "Reset password" in the settings window to enter the password reset page. Enter the existing password, then enter and confirm the new password. Click "Confirm" to reset the password, and Nabox will enter the locked state. Enter the new password to unlock the Nabox.