Stake $NULS

If you're holding $NULS tokens, staking is an easy way to earn additional $NULS and $NSWAP.

What is Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking?

Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking is a novel concept which provides increased token utility for staked tokens. It allows users to engage in additional DeFi activities using derivatives of staked tokens which otherwise would have no utility beyond staking rewards. Nulswapโ€™s Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking leverages a SMART ROUTER choosing the best nodes for stake users, making it a decentralized mechanism for securing the NULS blockchain. Nulswap brings this revolutionary technology to the NULS ecosystem.

What are the benefits of aiNULS?

When you stake your NULS through Nulswapโ€™s Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking solution, you receive aiNULS, a yield-earning token that not only represents staked NULS value but also includes ever-increasing staking rewards. Some benefits of aiNULS include:

  • Higher APR than staked NULS

  • Dual token rewards โ€” NSWAP & NULS

  • Decentralized mechanism securing NULS blockchain

  • Artificial intelligence-powered SMART ROUTER that selects the best nodes for stake users

  • Liquidity to leverage yield opportunities

  • Only 100 NULS minimum stake required, as opposed to the 2000 NULS required by NULS consensus

What potential utilities exist?

You may use aiNULS to:

  • Provide Liquidity on NULS/aiNULS pair

  • Stake LP

  • Stake aiNULS

  • Mint stable coins through LP, borrow, and other DeFi activities

How does it work?

Simply stake your NULS through Nulswap and receive aiNULS tokens in proportion to your stake. These tokens are yield-earning and represent the value of your staked NULS, and may be redeemed whenever desired. In addition, the aiNULS tokens also include staking rewards, providing an additional incentive to stake your NULS through Nulswap. With a minimum stake of only 100 NULS, Nulswapโ€™s Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking allows more users to participate in the NULS ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of staking without the substantial entry hurdle of 2000 NULS as mandated by NULS consensus.

In conclusion, Nulswapโ€™s Artificial Intelligence Liquidity Staking is a game-changer for the NULS ecosystem, providing increased token utility and yield opportunities for stakers while maintaining a decentralized and secure network. For individuals wishing to increase their earnings from their NULS holdings, it is an approachable and appealing option with a low minimum stake requirement of just 100 NULS.

Join the Nulswap community today and start staking your NULS with aiNULS for maximum rewards!

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